ELA-4 Sub Woofer Ratings – Getting the Best Home Subwoofer for Your Dollar

What sub woofer ratings are you looking for in a subwoofer?

• Extension to 20Hz?
• Perfect pitch definition and accuracy?
• Musical bass?
• Home theater crunch and slam?
• Home theater impact and explosive deep bass?
instrument seven reference stereo speaker system

If that’s a brief summary of what you need, you‘ve found the right subwoofer.

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The ELA-4 sub woofer ratings and data provide the information you need to see this is a great sub for both movies and for music. And it does all this at an affordable price too.

The best subs are also musical

There’s nothing worse than “one note bass” that just thuds and thumps with no articulation. The ELA-4 will never be found guilty of this sin. It tracks each note, each transient perfectly, with perfect pitch and just the right amount of impact. If your material calls for lots of gut wrenching bass, this sub will deliver. But it does more than just offer a thrilling home theater experience. And this is where most other subwoofers leave a lot to be desired. Most subwoofers can’t play music to save their life. The ELA-4 was designed with music in mind. In fact all our products are designed with music in mind first. Then we make sure they also have the capability to also offer slam and extension. The ELA-4 is so musical in fact, that its performance is capable of working well in systems much more costly than you would think. Have some speakers that cost over 10K? Fine, the ELA-4 subwoofer will easily keep up and mate with them.

Home theater impact

Offering a 12” high excursion driver that is capable of almost 2” of excursion, this system can really move some air. That in itself is maybe not so impressive. The interesting thing is that it also does this with very low distortion. So you get deep bass, but you also get ‘quiet’ deep bass, that only tracks the sounds on the recorded DVD or Blu Ray. What does that mean? It means the enclosure and the motor are not making their own sounds that ‘add to’ the sounds on the recording. That’s what you want. A system that only plays what is on the recording. And this is what the ELA-4 subwoofer does so well. It neither adds nor subtracts from the sound you should be hearing. It plays the notes and makes perfectly clear what that sound is. Whether it’s an explosion with metal shards flying all over the place or a symphony orchestra playing at full tilt with canon fire, the ELA-4 Sub woofer is there to deliver. And deliver it will.

How can it do this?

The cabinet is built to a standard you just don’t see offered anywhere else. Ever see a subwoofer cabinet that is this well braced? Ever see one made out of 100% Baltic Birch Ply? How about 1” thick cabinet walls also? Finding another product on the market that has all of what the ELA-4 sub woofer offers is going to be a tall order. This is why we can offer a 90 day money back guarantee. That’s how sure we are you will agree that this is one very special subwoofer.

Features of the ELA-4 subwoofer system:

instrument seven reference stereo speaker system• Acoustic suspension (sealed) design

• 2.5″ four layer voice coil

• Triple shorting ring motor (found only on more expensive subwoofers)

• Highly vented driver motor (helps cool the motor during times of high output)

• Amplifier features a heavy duty Toroidal power transformer – the amp alone weighs over 20 lbs!

• Soft clip circuitry to keep distortion to a minimum when pushing the amp to its limits

• Fully adjustable parametric EQ to boost or cut problem frequencies in your room

• Thermal circuit prevents amp damage due to heat overload (you can drive it hard without fear of cooking it)

• The amplifier is contained in its own separate chamber, completely sealed off from the back-wave of the driver

• Extensively braced cabinet (see drawings)

• Attractive automotive gloss black or satin black finishela 4 subwoofer front panel

A Great Resource



Another article that supports our theory, this is an outside source published byAudioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.

Specifications of the ELA 4 Subwoofers:

• Built in 540 watt class A/B amplifier

• 12″ black anodized aluminum cone driver for high power handling (cone also acts as a heat sink for the voice coil)

• 20Hz-200Hz +/-3dB at 95dB SPL (measured in room)

• 96 lbs (106 lbs shipping weight)

• 18″x16.5″x18.5″ (HWD)



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Get the ELA-4 Sub in Vinyl finish

See vinyl colors below, or choose the high end auto paint colors. The auto paint models also come with upgraded cotton acoustic damping also. You can also get a less expensive option, the ELA-4 can also be purchased in vinyl as shown below. The edges of the cabinet are finished slightly different. The top of the cab is flat here with no rounded edges. The front side edges are rounded as shown in pictures.

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ela 5 subwoofer front panelThe ELA-4R has upgraded internal acoustic damping made of expensive cotton fiber and has full automotive paint finish. Most custom colors are available also, just contact us via the form below and tell us what you want. Colors and prices on the EbenLee Audio site here. Go to theOfficial EBenLee Audio site.

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