Subwoofer Box Plans and Subwoofer Enclosure Design for Advanced Cabinet Builders

Designing your own subwoofer box plans could be a game of hit or miss. You might get it right, but more often than not you may not. There is a better way. Most audio enthusiast have the skills necessary to build their own box.

ela-1 subwoofer with grill removed

Problem is most of us don’t want to take the time learning what we need to know to build the right box for our project.

What you may wish to do instead? Just have someone else design the box for you.

Regarding subwoofers I think you have four basic options:

1. Buy a sub woofer through retail store

2. Build your own subwoofer by designing and building your own

3. Build a subwoofer using a pre proven design

4. Build a subwoofer without doing your homework and just ‘wing it’. Good luck with this one. Results are almost guaranteed to be less than ideal.

This article is going to focus on option number 3. We are going to show you how to build a subwoofer based on a proven design and subwoofer diagram. You can have very good success with both options #1 and #2. Option #1 is going to be more expensive. Option #2 will mean you have to do your own calculations, math, subwoofer enclosure design and figure it all out on your own. Option #3 is the simplest and most affordable option.

Use a proven plan, and then build it yourself. Subwoofer box plans are simple to follow and guaranteed to give you excellent results. If you don’t like the subwoofer you built, we will give you your money back on the box plans.


• Using a design that has been engineered to work with proven subwoofer plans
• Has the features and benefits you are looking for
• Offers the performance you can afford using quality parts

• Costs less than competing retail subwoofers home theater products


• Is more time consuming than picking a subwoofer up at a retail chain
• Often produces a subwoofer that is much heavier than retail
• Takes some skill to execute a design
• Must be able to read simple CAD plans (usually takes a few minutes to understand the design)

Get Your Subwoofer Plans Now

subwoofer box plans and custom speaker boxes cabinet plans

Get the ELA-1 Sub Plans blueprints

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ela-1 subwoofer with grill removed

Get the ELA-2sub Plans blueprints

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Why you should consider our subwoofer box plans over the competition:

We use only the best box building techniques.

Most often our boxes will be much heavier, using more braces, better engineering, and far more design time invested with little thought to the amount of materials and labor involved to execute the design.

Why should this matter to you? Designing speakers this way affords a higher quality product. This is the way statement products for extremely expensive speakers are designed. They build the best they know how to build and give little thought to what it will cost to get there.

This is how true innovation takes place. You benefit because this is what you get. You get products that are designed to be state of the art with little consequence given to materials price or the time it takes to build them.

Want something easier?

That’s okay!

There’s nothing wrong with a person wanting to get a quick subwoofer box plans slammed together in a weekend.

This is just not the way we conduct our business, and we trust that there are a few of you out there that understand and appreciate this effort. This effort after all, is performed with the highest sound quality and ‘you’ in mind.

Your ears, are the only ones that matter in your listening room…
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