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The best subwoofer box designs can only be built based on a proven subwoofer diagram or engineering plan. The design process is often a long one. – With the goal to arrive at an accurate portrayal of music and home theater sound…

subwoofer diagram showing internal bracing

But in order to arrive at the best sound you must have a reference. Live, un-amplified music is the best reference.

So what does real music sound like?

It’s dynamic, alive, and has a liquid and easy-to-listen-to quality. Its sound is very hard to describe because it simply sounds right.

It is possible for music to also come alive in your own home.

But you may need to understand a few things so that you can make it happen. (You may already know this)

You need accurate, low distortion main speakers. And you also need an accurate and low distortion bass system that is capable of delivering the lower harmonics that were captured during the recording.

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Bass is something that actually can take you to the event. Bass is the foundation after all. Rhythm is usually established with a drum, kick drum, bass guitar, or other deep sound fundamental instrument. Without the ability to produce these sounds effortlessly, your music will not sound completely real. It just can’t.

Most bass systems don’t deliver what a discerning music lover wants

The reason? Well, there are many causes actually. One of the things larger bass drivers (like subwoofers) need to launch notes and sounds properly and accurately is a well-designed enclosure.

Don’t underestimate this.

Yes, other design elements are important too, like the amplifier, signal purity, and all the other components can play a role.

But the speaker is certainly the weakest link in the chain.

custom speaker boxes

Scientific proof? Amplifiers and other electronics have a fraction of the distortion numbers that the speaker system has. So it makes sense that when building speakers everything matters especially the subwoofer diagram and enclosure quality.

Goal number one is to lower distortion as much as possible. So we must use a low distortion subwoofer drive unit (speaker driver), amplifier, and lastly the enclosure cannot be adding its own distortion into the delicate sound.

Most subwoofer manufacturers don’t bother to overbuild their cabinets.

Have you ever seen pictures inside of the speaker cabinets of other speaker and subwoofer manufacturers?

No? There’s a reason speaker manufacturers don’t show the inside of their boxes. There’s nearly zero bracing… Maybe one or two braces are chucked in the box at max and if there are more seldom are there enough to truly control panel resonance. Why does this matter in subwoofer design?

factory direct speakers and sub driver for subwoofers

When panels move they create out of phase sound waves that fight with the sound that the sub driver is delivering into the room.

These out of phase vibrations actually cancel out other notes.

But it gets worse. Panel resonance also causes resonance inside the chamber, or inside the box.

This resonance eventually ends up hitting the back of the cone driver and re-entering the room by way of the cone.

This causes both more cancellations but also peaks in the response.

You may not know how this damages the signal until you have heard a system that deals with the problem. This is a lack of engineering and a lack of using a few more materials and parts to save a few dollars.

Features of the ELA-5 subwoofer system:

home sub woofer showing braces ela 5 sub

• Acoustic suspension (sealed) design

• 2.5″ four layer voice coil

• Triple shorting ring motor (found only on more expensive subwoofers)

• Highly vented driver motor (helps cool the motor during times of high output)

• Amplifier features a heavy duty Toroidal power transformer – the amp alone weighs over 20 lbs!

• Soft clip circuitry to keep distortion to a minimum when pushing the amp to its limits

• Fully adjustable parametric EQ to boost or cut problem frequencies in your room

• Thermal circuit prevents amp damage due to heat overload (you can drive it hard without fear of cooking it)

• The amplifier is contained in its own separate chamber, completely sealed off from the back-wave of the driver

• Extensively braced cabinet (see drawings)

• Attractive automotive gloss black or satin black finish

ela 5 subwoofer front panel

A Great Resource


Another article that supports our theory, this is an outside source published by Audioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.

Specifications of the ELA 5 Subwoofers:

• Built in 960 watt class A/B amplifier

• 15″ black anodized aluminum cone driver for high power handling (cone also acts as a heat sink for the voice coil)

• 20Hz-200Hz +/-3dB at 98dB SPL (measured in room)

• 140 lbs (151 lbs shipping weight)

• 25″x18.5″x21.75″ (HWD)

Rounded or Chamfered Edges


Some pictures show beveled edges on this page. We are only shipping subwoofers with the rounded edges as these have been much more popular.

We are not stocking sub cabinets with beveled edges anymore. You may contact us to order beveled edges on a custom order basis (same price but slightly longer wait).

The Difference of EbenLee Audio

We don’t design a subwoofer diagram the way most manufacturers do.

We design our speakers and subwoofers to exhibit the absolute least amount of resonant and stray energy so that the bass driver and amplifier can deliver true pitch definition and accuracy into your room. And they do this splendidly.

Each enclosure is also optimized for peak performance of the enclosure volume and the speaker drivers being used. Accurate pitch definition cannot be achieved any other way. To see pricing and more about the ELA and ELA-R subwoofers go to the Official EbenLee Audio site.

With the ELA-5 subwoofer you know what you are getting

• A high end subwoofer box
• The ELA-5 sub box weighs more than most of our competitors without the amplifier or driver installed. The ELA-5 sub woofer weighs over 140lbs.
• A low distortion sub woofer plate amplifier
• A low distortion and high excursion 15” subwoofer driver
We offer a no questions asked 90 day return policy.

Can you use the ELA-5 sub for Movies and home theater?

Absolutely, and you may be surprised to find out how much accurate bass helps movies to sound better.

There’s no overhang or slow bass. No senseless thudding, it just reproduces the explosions and lower harmonics that were recorded on the movie. Want both perfect pitch definition and heavy slam of a large ported subwoofer? Then use more than one subwoofer and get the best of both. Most home theater enthusiast will find one ELA-5 to be more than enough, but there are a few of you that, well…. may want more than one.

To see pricing and more about the ELA and ELA-R subwoofers go to the Official EbenLee Audio site.

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ela 5 subwoofer front panel

Most custom colors are available also, just contact us via the form below and tell us what you want. Colors and prices are shown on the drop down menu, custom colors are the same price as shown, but reds may be an up-charge.



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