Looking for a High Performance Subwoofer Kit Solution ?

We build an incredibly inert subwoofer kit enclosure. We ship all necessary parts to you, then you can paint the box, or leave it bare wood, but all you have to do is assemble and listen. Easy!

subwoofer kit

Why buy our sub woofers box kits?

No one takes the time to build speaker boxes like we do. The speaker cabinet is an integral part of the subwoofer and cutting corners is not the way to high performance.

We don’t cut corners.

We use layered birch ply cabinet construction for the subwoofer enclosures providing quality you can count on with performance that is not seen at these price points.

Find out more about the ELA-5 sub here at; subwoofer reviews.

We use proven amplifier designs from companies that know how to build amps like Dayton for the budget systems and Velodyne amps for the cost no object designs that include room correction and powerful 1250 watt amplifiers.

Speaker drivers are Dayton or TC sounds drivers built to deliver loads of deep bass without breaking a sweat.

subwoofer with grill removed the best sub woofer

Sub woofer boxes and Products we offer?

The ELA-5 Sub and ELA-6 Sub

What’s different about these subwoofers that you don’t find on the market? They are built using layers of birch ply to build the enclosure. They have a cylinder inner chamber that is also braced. This is not the common square box like you find on other subwoofers.

Our speaker boxes are so unique and inert that they can support more than three times the pressure of conventional boxes. Box resonance is nearly eliminated as well as inner standing waves. We use high power amplifiers that can deliver high SPL in your room for hours on end.

custom speaker boxes

Both of these designs are offered in one of 3 ways

• As a raw unfinished cabinet ready for you to add your driver, amplifier and other parts

• As raw unfinished cabinets complete with amplifier, subwoofer driver, and all necessary parts

• As completely finished subwoofers ready to install in your home theater audio system (includes our 90 day no risk guarantee)

Now getting the most out of your home theater budget is possible by simply getting the kit that fits you best. If you are willing to paint the cabinet and install the parts you save money. If you want to install your own driver and amplifier into our supreme cabinet you can do that too.

Not willing to spend time putting a high performance subwoofer together?

If you don’t want to install or assemble any parts, get the complete subwoofer kit that is already assembled and tested for you.

Our subwoofer kits are a one-of-a-kind-way for you to get into a high end subwoofer product without breaking your bank account. No, our products are not cheap, but compared to the quality of products on the market that they are competitive with the savings is obvious.

If you don’t agree with this statement, just return the product undamaged within 90 days of receiving it and we’ll refund your money. Find out more about the ELA-5 sub here at; subwoofer reviews.

It’s a win/win situation for you. What do you have to lose?

Get the Option that Fits You Best

*ELA-6 sub woofer kit coming soon!

the ELA-5sub is available now!

New Pricing Coming Soon

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