Subwoofer Kits for the Stereo Speakers and Home Theater Subwoofer Enthusiasts

The EbenLee Audio Reference 12; One of the Finest Subwoofer Kits Available

The ELA Reference 12 subwoofer is one of the finest subwoofer kits available today. This is no bargain basement product mind you, but for what it can do the value is commensurate and even greater than its asking price.

This subwoofer is also available as a ‘subwoofer speaker plan only project’ for those of you willing to take on a challenging subwoofer build.

ELA-reference 12 subwoofer kits for hi end home theater

EbenLee Audio offers the ELA Reference 12 as plans or as complete units ready for installation

This is truly reference caliber equipment that has few if any peers.

The cabinet is all Baltic Birch Ply. But not just any cabinet; this cabinet is comprised of stacked panels from front to rear that build out the enclosure. Each layer is chamfered as well, so there are literally no parallel walls inside the box. What this does is eliminates standing waves inside the subwoofer enclosure.

Not only is the box strong – from being a continuous curve inside; it also is resistant to vibration as the energy is transferred equally around the inside of the sub woofer enclosure. This creates the same amount of pressure in all directions, or the box is able to deal with this pressure with equal and opposing force against the internal walls. A square sub woofer box is unable to do this.

A square subwoofer box is weakest at the middle of the panel, or where there are no braces. Pressure is stronger on the sides than it is in the corners. Not true of a cylinder enclosure, they push equally in all directions which levels out the pressure on the walls. But you can’t just stick the driver in a cylinder as this would mean the side walls would all be parallel also. You also need the side walls to be accordion shaped, or angled from one another.

ELA-reference 12 subwoofer kits for hi end home theater

EbenLee Audio accomplishes this with a high precision CNC machine. The results are extraordinary bass that has it all; tone, impact, color, and a ‘live’ quality that hits you right in the chest.

You can feel the sharp impact of kick drum wavelengths crashing into your body in a way that you can only experience during live sound events. Home theater crescendos are delivered with a hard hitting nuance and authority only delivered by the best bass reproduction systems in the world.

Stereo music is reproduced with authority and grace that few subwoofers can lay claim to. And the ELA Reference 12 sub woofer speaker system does this without breaking a sweat or breaking your bank account.


The ELA Reference 12 is a low Q design. Meaning that; the deep bass rolloff or slope is more gradual than most other subwoofers. This is good.

This level of Q allows the transient performance to be very close to perfect for reproducing impact, slam, and articulation that sounds musical as well as hard hitting.

The Q goal for most EbenLee Audio subwoofers is a Q of .60 to .65. This gives nearly perfect pitch definition while also allowing for heavy slam and impact. The ELA Reference 12 has a Q of .608, making low end excursion and perfect pitch definition easy for the expensive high excursion driver.

The entire design is modeled in CAD before it ever sees the machining process. Each element of the design has been scrutinized. No detail was left untouched or uncovered.

The subwoofer amp is a DSP based digital amp. It delivers 1000 watts into 4 ohms without breaking a sweat. This is continuous current, not some hyped up RMS number like you see on so many mass market brands. The 1000 watts on tap is more than enough to drive the ELA Reference 12 into subterranean territory. The amp module is one of the finest subwoofer amps available anywhere and is built by Digmoda and using “Ice Power technology” which is also used on the Bang and Olufson BeoLab 5 loudspeakers.

The DSP section of the amp can use your measurements taken in your room to deliver the flattest response, but it can also be modeled to fit your musical tastes. Flat response is not always satisfying, (it can do that too) but you may crave a tip up or down in the bass at 20hz or 30hz or whatever. This is easily achieved, measured, and implemented with the use of a connected PC during setup. The rest of the time the subwoofer will operate like any other simple device placed into your system. You won’t have to worry about it; the ELA Reference 12 subwoofer will just deliver its ridiculously high performance day after day.

ELA-reference 12 subwoofer speaker for stereo speakers systems

Features of the ELA-3 home subwoofer:

• Acoustic suspension (sealed) design
• Layered Baltic Birch Ply cabinet with minium parallel wall design
• Heavy 38lb subwoofer driver

The Subwoofer Driver

• High-temperature low eddy-current stainless steel voicecoil former
• 2+2 ohm dual voicecoil
• 10″ linear spider suspension with large integral lead-wires
• 200 oz. magnet motor structure
• tall profile surround for 3″ peak-to-peak travel
• Field-replaceable top assembly system
• Large anti-flux-modulation shorting ring

A Great Resource

Another article that supports our theory, this is an outside source published by Audioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.

The DSP Amplifier

• DSP section allows full control of EQ in your room for near perfect bass response. This is impossible with conventional amplifier modules found in most subwoofers.
• 1000 watts of power
• high damping factor design provides maximum control over speaker cone
• fully configurable with use of PC to accommodate nearly any speaker system

Measured Specifications of the ELA Reference 12 Subwoofer Kits:

• 20Hz-150Hz +3/-0dB at 106dB SPL (measured in room using included room correction software)

• 270 lbs (325 lbs shipping weight)

• 19″x19″x28.75″ (HWD)


Is it cheap? Of course not, but if you consider its peers, its competition, it doesn’t seem a far stretch from reality at all. Quality is expensive. There’s just no way around it.

You don’t see the most luxurious and high performance automobiles sold for the same prices as you would a Chevy Cavalier. (Not that there is anything wrong with Chevy Cavalier’s – they have their place, just like cheap audio systems) We would love to be able to sell these for one half or even three fourths the price, but that just isn’t possible.

EbenLee Audio has made it a goal to keep value extremely high in our subwoofer kits and assemblies while also delivering world class performance.

Expenses at EbenLee Audio are kept as low as possible by not spending hundreds of thousands (or millions as some of our competitors do) of dollars on advertising campaigns.

EbenLee Audio sales come 100% from word of mouth, and visitors to the Home Speaker site.

EbenLee Audio deals almost exclusively with internet sales by keeping the retail markups out of the product. This allows us to build better products, make a reasonable profit, (EbenLee has very low markup by the industry standards) and deliver subwoofer kits and other speakers that are simply excellent compared to the competition.

Better built, better engineered, better designed, and offering much better value for you.

This is the EbenLee difference and it’s a difference you can hear and feel.

And by the way; EbenLee Audio also offers the best return policy in the industry;

The EbenLee Audio 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee

If you don’t agree that EbenLee Audio products are worth every cent, you can ship it back and get your full purchase price, and your purchase price will be returned within 15 days of receiving the undamaged item. (These are resold at a discount as undamaged demos – but we almost never get returns, so it’s hardly a problem)

reference sub woofer amplifier kit

We fully expect EbenLee Audio customers to fall in love with their new purchase.

Try one out and see for yourself.

The EbenLee Audio ELA Reference 12 subwoofer

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Each ELA Reference 12 Subwoofer is built to order for each specific customer. Many customers prefer custom colors, this allows us to match the color you prefer.

EbenLee audio speakers and design surround sound speakers

designed and assembled in the USA

Industry leading, 90 day Risk Free Guarantee!!!

EbenLee Audio
Attn: Peter Selby
806 East Ave Eaton Ohio 45320
phone: 937-416-0373

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