Subwoofer Manufacturers: We Build the Subwoofer to Beat All Subs

Coming Soon: The ELA Reference 12 Subwoofer

Sealed cabinet

Layered birch ply construction

Sub driver capable of over 2 inches of excursion

1000 watt (continuous) amplifier

DSP and room correction filtering

Cabinet optimized for maximum transient performance using Thiele Small parameters.

Over 250 lbs of bass-creating-mass waiting to be unleashed on your stereo system or home theater room…

This sub is redefining whats possible from a 12″ sealed subwoofer…

*CAD drawings below show how our Reference series cabinet is made out of slices of birch plywood.

ELA-1 sub woofer installation reviews

Whats different about the ELA Reference 12?

Building a great box, using the best subwoofer drivers, and powering it with a proven amplifier design is the best way to arrive with a sophisticated subwoofer that can compete at any price. But this is a sum of all the parts more than just putting together some nice pieces.

The EbenLee ELA Reference Subwoofers may be the most affordable sub woofers in their high performance category

But no, this sub is not a cheap subwoofer…

Is that really what you wanted?

This cabinet is built to very high standards and cannot be compared to most other conventional box speakers.

Features of our Reference Series ELA-Subwoofers:

• Layered cabinet type build, we take a stack of
birch ply planks and glue them together. Very rigid and robust. This makes a stronger cabinet than all but aluminum enclosures. Expensive? Yes, the robust speaker cabinet this creates is worth it. Basically, the end grain of the wood is the sides, top, and bottom of the cabinet.

• Cylinder inner chamber – no internal parallel walls.
• High quality DSP amplifier

Have you seen the layered cabinet approach such as used on some Magico speakers?

The ELA-Reference subwoofer are built the same way.

Many layers of birch ply form the box shape. To arrive at highly articulate bass, the enclosure is of paramount importance.

Building the box in this way is both time consuming and expensive. But the sonic dividends are worth the hassle and time it takes to build them.

Need a less expensive solution to buy the ELA-Reference Sub? Try our ELA-3 or ELA-5 below or our subwoofer kit, its affordable and offers all the performance of the ELA-Reference sub for less investment.

Benefits of the ELA Reference Subwoofer systems?

• Tight, tuneful bass
• No overhang or muddy bass sounds
• Articulation that follows music and movies perfectly
• excellent bass weight and slam for movies

Estimated Price $4500.00 – 4999.00

Get a Better Subwoofer! See the ELA-Reference 12 Sub

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