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EbenLee Subwoofer speakers – 3 (ELA-3sub) Is Here!
The cabinet is made out of many layers of Baltic Birch Ply, which is very expensive to build. The cabinet this creates is incredibly inert but also damps the back-wave from the driver to an unparalleled degree.

Bass impact and slam are second to none, as is pitch definition and musicality.

This is an incredible subwoofer by any standard. Compare this beast to the best from JL Audio, Velodyne and the other top models and brands, but at a fraction of the price.

This sub adds more bracing, more internal volume, and more powerful amplifier with room correction feature.

subwoofer speakers

Features and Specifications of the New Subwoofer

• Dimensions: 15”w x15”h x19”d

• Subwoofer Driver built for EbenLee Audio by TC sounds (high quality and proven driver design)

• Layered cabinet system using birch ply and heroic internal bracing

• Frequency response: 20Hz to 120Hz

• Extra bracing to increase rigidity and cabinet strength

• Huge 40+ lb magnet structure on the sub woofer driver

• Over 2″ of linear excursion and 3″ peak to peak maximum mechanical excursion

• Box weight with driver, over 100lbs

• Low Q system of less than .65 Q

What can you expect?

Estimated pricing: $1999.00 for the passive sub without amplifier

$2899.00 for both the subwoofer and the 1250 watt amplifier including room correction microphone

More information coming soon!

Look at the products page for more information.
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