Full 90 Day Guarantee on these Custom Surround Sound Speakers…

“These are The Best Home Theater Speakers I’ve Ever Owned!” Micah ~Dayton, US

Looking for the absolute best mini surround sound speakers?

You have exquisite tastes in music and movies; shouldn’t your surround sound system be up to the task?

125x125xdrop-sh-rnd-mini-cube-speakers-120x120-navigation-button.jpg.pagespeed.ic.K6xfZ91abRYou come home from a difficult and stressful day at work and are hoping for a relaxing evening.

Sitting down to enjoy some music or a nice movie would sure do nicely… wouldn’t it?


But your entertainment system is lacking a bit…

So we worked on building better stereo speakers (or home theater speakers) to help you enjoy your time off…

…a meaningful and relaxing evening enjoying the highest quality music and movie playback.

With these speakers, you get a distinct feeling of luxury and something special…

Incredibly musical speakers! Even your movies will be more enjoyable…

Your Entertainment System needs the highest quality parts to sound excellent!

There’s no way around it…

The best home theater systems and surround sound speakers in the world use only the best parts.

This is no accident, high quality parts perform better.

You become involved in the movie faster.

And stay glued to your seat longer…

These Mini Speakers deliver outstanding musical performance in the comfort of your own home

The best speaker cabinet, drivers, wiring and parts offer a better listening experience.

These speakers have been carefully engineered to offer better sound.130x194xmini-cube-speakers-small-icon-home-speaker-for-sales-page.jpg.pagespeed.ic.1x5PA877tv

Result? You’ll definitely get more satisfaction out of your movies and music.

Usually, the best surround sound speakers are ‘extremely expensive’.

Not these excellent mini speakers…

…you just found the speakers you’ve been looking for!

“A high performance speaker system that is also very affordable”.


How Strong Are the Mini Cube Speaker Boxes?

We drove a truck on top of them to find out.
Loaded down with tools, this truck weighs over 5000lbs.
We estimate at least 800lbs were sitting on the box… They didn’t even flex.







EbenLee Audio

“Your Source for the Finest in Home Audio”


We truly care about delivering high quality products that offer remarkable sound quality for the price.

We have been working in the audio field for over 10 years and offer affordable speaker systems for the discerning listener.

Better speakers from EbenLee Audio.125x125xdrop-sh-rnd-mini-cube-speakers-120x120-navigation-button.jpg.pagespeed.ic.K6xfZ91abR

Owned and operated by Peter Selby and John Stefan. We have a dedicated team of excellent employees that have your best interest and satisfaction in mind.

We offer better surround sound speakers for less…


This product is discontinued. See Products section at EbenLee Audio for updated Mini Cube Speakers




Features of the “Mini” surround sound speakers

• Baltic birch ply enclosures, solid layered cabinet build type
• Continuous baffle
• Cylinder inner cavity
• No parallel walls


Specifications of the Mini Cube Speakers:

• Power handling: 10 watts – 150 watts
• Sensitivity: 85db
• Dimensions: 4.8W x 4.8H x 4.8D
• Frequency response: 120Hz to 25,000Hz (+/-3db measured in room)


Read reviews about the Mini Cube home surround sound system!

Warranty and Guarantees

5 year warranty on parts, labor, and defects.

12 month money back guarantee. (subject to a 15% restocking fee)

90 day FULL money back guarantee!!!

We assume the risk with our guarantees so you don’t risk anything!

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This product is discontinued. See Products section at EbenLee Audio for updated Mini Cube Speakers


Lifelike music and movie playback!

Industry leading, 90 day Risk Free Guarantee!!!

Hand built to order.

Updated 8/03/2011: We’ve dramatically improved the box structure

We now use Birch Ply enclosures on all Mini Cubes. This is a significant upgrade to the old MDF enclosure model. Our price has gone up slightly as a result, but performance is well worth the extra investment. There is nothing else on the market built like these speakers at even 5 times the price. The sound is incredible.

Remember, you have nothing to lose with our 90 day risk free trial! Get your Mini Cubes now!

See Pricing on the Mini Cube home surround sound system!

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“Your Source for the Finest in Home Audio”

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