Find the Best Used Audio Cables for your Money!

In my opinion the best way to buy used audio cables is from or

This is a listing service website where consumers can list their used gear for other enthusiast topurchase.

These online services allow you to make offers on speaker cables and other audio equipment at a drastic savings over retail prices.

The typical savings of buying second hand audio cables is around 35% to 50% of the new retail price.

Often the used audio cables will be received by their purchaser in like new condition.

And, uses a “parts condition number scale” so that you know the quality of the item before you purchase it.

MIT ORacle V4 used audio cables

High end cables are well cared for

Most of the time, these cables are very well cared for and often shipped in their original boxes.

Audiophiles save most of their equipment packing boxes. This is good for you…

One reason is that some of the packaging on some of these products can cost as much as the entire product from another brand.

Packaging on top quality audio equipment can cost up to several hundred dollars.


What does this meant for you?

If you are in the market for used audio cables a good way to buy them is second hand.

The best part is that if you change your mind and sell at a later date – you are likely to not lose much if any money at all. Often the only investment lost is the price of the shipping back and forth.

I have executed many transactions over the last 10 years this way and sometimes even made money on the deals. Used Audio wires are a fantastic way to save you a lot of money and hassle.

Any kind of audio cable you can imagine is being sold from consumers like you.

Audio Cables and Home Audio Wiring Parts that you may need:

Bi Wire Speaker Cables Wire & Cable – We carry a large selection of bulk reels to completed cables in every style and length.

Single ended Interconnect Cables

XLR interconnect Cables

o Also known as balanced interconnect cables or

o Balanced microphone cables (pro industry)

Audio Cable Connectors

12 Guage Speaker Wire

14 Guage Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire Connections


Other ways to save money on Audio Cables:

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