Vizio HDTV; is the Vizio XVT3D554SV The Best Deal LED HDTV?

A fairly priced Vizio HDTV – 3D LED TV with local dimming; this is a very competitive price for features and performance offered.

Vizio HDTV Vizio XVT553SV

Excellent black level quality, depth, and black level detail. Excellent color, and picture quality on the new 55 inch Vizio LED TV. Excellent value LED HDTV.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t expect quality like this from Vizio. Vizio is obviously catering to the bargain shopper, but this is a nice set by any standard.

True, the new Panasonic Viera TCP55VT50 plasmas are even nicer, but they are also more expensive and use more energy. (if that matters to you)

What’s positive about the Vizio HDTV?

A lot actually.

This Vizio HDTV will work very well in a bright room, if that is something you need. The color balance temperature and saturation are quite good.

In many ways the color was near state of the art; which is hard to believe on a set in this price range.

The features here are better than most sets at twice the price.

Widgets, streaming, remote, Apps, and other features are all very nice and work well. Vizio clearly worked very hard to improve the user interface on this LED LCD TV.

They actually used a matt screen. I wish other manufacturers would do this too. It simply works better. Especially for increasing a sets bright room performance. This set excels in this area as images do not reflect off of the Visio’s matt screen finish. Very nicely done Vizio, keep improving and making these LED TV reviews easy!

Vizio LCD TV

Panel depth is now 3 inches, the old one was 5 inches. Plenty of HDTV connections and features. 3D compatible, Glasses included. Get your VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch 1080p.

Negatives of this LED TV review:

There was some minor banding on the set we viewed. Also, sometimes the black levels appeared to have a blue tint in them. It wasn’t noticeable on all content.

Not sure what was going on here, but this could be due to the LED’s that Vizio used having a slightly blue color output.

Vizio LED TV review input panel

A glow around white images that bleeds into the darker images on the screen. It looks a bit like a haze or overflow into the darker shadows and images; apparent on really white colors that are displayed near dark colors and shadows.

If you are seated off of center the viewing is less than perfect. So, not the greatest off angle viewing set on the market.

Something had to give; the video adjustments aren’t as plentiful here as on more expensive sets like the higher priced Samsung models.

Not 1080p/24 compatible.

Vizio XVT553SV remote control


For the price of the Vizio, this set is hard to beat. Vizio is not exactly known for being a high end brand. But, they have been trying very hard to change this image. They want to compete with the Sony’s and Samsung’s in their own game.

With this set Vizio is seriously making a strong case for their brand. This really is a nice set, and one that I would be happy about. The only real negative to it is the brand plate that says “Vizio”, if you don’t care about that; you likely will love this HDTV.

Customer reviews are overall very good for this set. We checked on Amazon to see what purchasers were saying about it and about 90% of the customers are very happy with their sets. This is above average for HDTV’s so we thought this was a good sign for Vizio.

It’s clear that Vizio is working very hard to improve their image and move into the higher end products for HDTV’s. This TV is no slouch and certainly will not hurt the work they are putting in.

It’s a seriously good buy, not quite perfect, but at the price, the big Visio is pretty darn close and hard to fault. Get your VIZIO XVT3D554SV 55-inch 1080p.

I think this set is worth every bit of the asking price and then some. One of the value leaders in its performance category for sure.
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