What Does CPU Stand For? What Is A CPU – Learn the CPU Function:

What does CPU stand for… and what does it do?

The CPU is: “Central Processing Unit” -it is the main brain of the computer.

The CPU controls the RAM, Hard Drives, audio chipset, video chipsets, and all other functions of the PC or HTPC (home theater PC).

It also provides the processing power to calculate and process basic PC functions.

The central processing unit consists of two parts; the control unit and the arithmetic/logic unit.

The control unit instructs the rest of your PC parts with what to do; it also interacts and controls the other parts of the PC like the hard drive, RAM, and motherboard.

The arithmetic/logic unit performs the math and processing of all the PC functions, both of these functions interacts to determine the speed of the PC.

The more powerful CPU, can perform both of these tasks much quicker than slower speed (MHz) processors.

what does cpu stand for


In order for a PC or HTPC to operate well, Other Computer components are important:

The speed of the CPU will directly affect its ability to process these numbers quickly resulting in a responsive PC. If your processor is slow; the entire PC will lag and run poorly.

There are also some other PC parts that can slow down the computer.

Your CPU may not be your bottleneck.

RAM or random access memory is where information is stored and released. The faster the memory, the faster the data can be stored and released. The more memory you have available 2GB, 3GB, 4GB or 8GB the more data that can be stored at any one time.

The entire PC performs like a symphony. It will work much better if all the parts are roughly equal performance as compared to one another.

If you use a super powerful CPU with slow RAM the PC will not perform anywhere near the CPU’s abilities. The same can be applied to all of the PC parts.

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