Who Makes the Best HDTV and now the new LED LCD TV sets?

If you’ve been trying to keep up with the latest in technology… like finding out who makes the best HDTV it can be quite time consuming.

Who makes the Best HDTV?

The last few years have been absolutely exhausting for the average electronics geek (like myself).


Every year HDTV manufacturers roll out new models.

You have to have the latest and best HDTV right?

Well, probably not… but if you’re searching for a new set you’ve probably just found your perfect set.

New products

Nearly every month some new and very promising stride in technology is discovered and leaked to the public. This new lineup of HDTV products have stellar performance available.

I have to say that HD technology is really coming into its own here. These sets are cheaper and offer better performance than sets over double their price of just a few years ago.

You would have thought that LED sets with their local dimming would be shining above the rest. But alas, the old plasma HD tech is really showing its stride now. The first set here (the big Panasonic) is pretty much unmatched in nearly all performance areas. The Viera rocks.

Getting the Finest HDTV
Boiling it down to Simplicity

How can you know that the latest and greatest will really live up to its social media exposure? How can you know that you are getting the product you always dreamed of owning?

In regards to LED LCD TV’s and who makes the Best HDTV, we pick out the best within a price category. We do this based on countless hours and in some cases months of research; not only by viewing the HDTV ourselves but also by seeing what other customers are saying.

The benefit to this approach is that you get a product that is already proven in the marketplace and you can be assured of its performance.

You will also be quite aware of the HDTV set limitations (if it has any) because we post it very plainly below. We will even show you some common customer complaints that have been found on a specific model. But keep in mind that we believe these sets are the best of each category even after we report a few of the issues. These sets scored above the others in their budget categories.

These are not detailed reports like our other reviews but a basic quick HDTV reference guide to help you make a decision without hours and hours of digging through internet reviews.

Updated 06/25/2012

Here are our 5 Best HDTV Picks and why we like them – Who Makes the Best HDTV: Our top 5 Pics!

Panasonic TCP50VT25-3D-HDTV

Panasonic Vierra TCP55VT50

Here is a set the qualifies for “who makes the best HDTV”:

Pros: Hands down, this is the winner with some of the best black level performance ever recorded and measured.

Picture quality; impressive, very sharp, detailed and accurate. Color saturation is stellar as well.

Cons: Plasma sets such as this one generate quite a bit of heat and consume more energy than LED HD sets. (accounts for about $48 per year in extra electricity – depending on the amount the unit is powered on)

I wasn’t too impressed with the 3D capabilities of this set. But I also don’t like 3D too much, so don’t let my bias sway you. That being said, when it comes to 3D, I’ve seen better. Acceptable performance in 3D? Yes. Up to its 2D performance otherwise? No.

Panasonic TC P 55ST50

Panasonic TC P55ST50 Offering one of the best bargains in HDTV’s today. This one is almost as good as the above Viera model for even less money.

At this point of performance it really makes me wonder why anyone would spend more. Not that I wouldn’t go for the Panasonic-TCP50VT25 because that set is even better. What I’m saying is that these two sets are about half of what you need to spend on a competitive model in LED LCD technology. These much cheaper plasma sets are that good.

Very deep black levels, very good color, saturation, and depth. In short, this is the set to beat for the money. Nothing really comes close at this price/performance ratio. Its simply off the charts.

Samsung PNC 7000 series HDTV

Samsung PNC7000 HDTV seriesanother top contender of who makes the best HDTV:

Pros: Excellent picture quality and black levels. 3D picture looks very good. Black level performance is very good although not quite up to the performance of the Panasonic TC PVT20/25 HDTV series sets. Plenty of apps in the menu. Outer TV frame is a nice brushed metal look -very stylish. This is a plasma model; not a Samsung LED dlp or lcd.

Cons: 2D to 3D conversion does not work very well. No 1080p 24 frame compatibility. 3D glasses not included and are $150 per pop. Everyone watching in 3D will need a set of glasses. (ouch -that could get expensive!) Not much media for 3D viewing; not really a hit against this 3D HDTV set but against all 3D TV‘s in general.


LG INFINIA 55LE8500 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz HDTV Series – this is one of my favorite sets. This set from LG is an excellent recommendation for who makes the best HDTV:

Pros: Utilizes LED LCD TV local dimming technology. Video features are excellent. Black levels are excellent -among the best we‘ve seen. Color and picture quality are excellent. Lots and lots of picture tweaks -very adjustable features in the menu system. More inputs and outputs than most HDTV sets in this price class. Good off angle performance for viewers not centered on the screen. Overall, still one the best HDTV sets for 2010. Only 1.4 inches thick.

Cons: No audio streaming capabilities. (not a big deal to most consumers) Video processing modes nothing to write home about. (adjusting the shutter etc.) Ambient lighting will pose a threat to the overall picture quality (does not have very high light output)(works best in a darkened room)

VIZIO VF552XVT 55-Inch Class XVT Series

Vizio VF 552XVT HDTV:

Pros: Picture quality is excellent for the price of this unit. Full local dimming on the LED LCD HDTV display. Apps bar at the bottom of the screen is really nice to use and works quite well. App bar is very quick in comparison to Yahoo widgets and is a nice feature of this set. BluTooth remote has a built in keypad. (Other HDTV manufacturers should take note of this remote – its very nice! Much better than most stock remotes that come with the recent crop of LCD HDTV’s.)

Cons: Black levels while good -are beat by some other manufacturers like the LG and Panasonic mentioned above. Thicker than most of the more recent HDTV sets at near 5 inches thick. With a big silver bar (the speakers) at the bottom of the set this is not one of the nicer looking HDTV sets available. Not very many picture settings and adjustments available in the menu for optimizing your video.

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