The Best Wireless Computer Speakers and Wireless Speaker Systems?

Wireless Computer Speakers are a great way to add functionality and convenience to your musical enjoyment. Let’s face it… most of us have our music stored on our computer these days. sonos outdoor wireless speaker systemsAnd we would like to access those music files from anywhere in the house. I have not had to fumble around with a CD jewel case for a few years now. Usually, when I buy music the CD case just sits in the storage room as a hard disc copy if I need to reload my music library.

A Past Problem with Wireless Speaker Systems

The real issue is that most of the wireless computer speakers and wireless home theater speakers available are of very low quality.

What we need is a high quality solution that is worth sitting down to listen to. Consumers want something that will be worth their investment and to turn on and enjoy. Many of the wireless consumer products on the market are less than stellar. Initially, (a few years ago) there were concerns from the audiophile crowd that the sound quality would be less than ideal. And if you choose one of the cheap mass produced products this is exactly what you will get. This was a valid argument several years ago but I think is less of an issue and concern today. What is the reason that wireless can now work effectively? The quality of DAC’s (digital to analog converters) that are present on some of the better equipment makes this a non issue. This brings us to a solution that actually works;

The Sonos Wireless Computer Speakers Solution:

Sonos came up with a better way of streaming your music to multiple rooms and sound systems. They built a wireless system that will easily interface with your computer on a software level and make getting those tunes off the PC or Mac a breeze. The setup is very simple and integration is ‘plug and play’. You can use up to 32 different zones with the system and even have units in the garage or outdoors. Play your favorite music files with the Sonos Wireless Music System. And, you can do this from anywhere that the wireless connection can reach the central Sonos controller. I had no problems with ranges up to 60 feet away.

Stereo and Home Theater System Integration with the Sonos Music System:

You can stream music from your computer into your stereo speakers system or home theater surrounds sound system as well, all without running a single wire from one location to the other. (You will have to plug the units into a wall outlet though)

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Sonos came out with a new free app for the I-phone giving you the ability to control the different units in your home with your I-phone or I-touch. I think this is one of the coolest features. Again, they made this extremely easy to do and explain everything in the setup instructions.

Here is the Basic Idea of How to set up the Wireless Speaker System:

Set the Sonos Music system to retrieve your music from the computer. (Very easy setup via the included instructions) Then plug the Sonos Receiver into the wall and Viola – You can access your music files and play them back on whatever speakers you have the unit attached to. Or: You can use the receiver only without the built in amplifier and connect to the receiver or preamp of your choice without running wires from the computer. You can even share music with other workstations like the kitchen or another office by using the;

Wireless Computer Speakers – the Sonos S5 System:

This unit is an all in one solution that makes it easy and convenient to access your computer music, Pandora, etc. And, all it needs is a power outlet to do it. Just plug it in after you have set it up and you can play music from the supplied speakers built into the wireless computer speakers unit. The Sonos S5 is not a high fidelity speaker but offers something similar to a Bose counter-top music system with the added convenience of being able to access our PC or Mac music files. It is a well thought out and very useful device but was not built to take the place of your HiFi system. It can even be controlled via your I-phone, just like the other Sonos Interface solutions.

Wireless Surround Sound Systems – The Sonos Zone Player 3 and Zone player 5:

If you are looking for a high fidelity wireless audio speakers system then opt for the Zone Player 3 to connect to your stereo speakers receiver or preamplifier. This is the unit to choose if you already have an amplifier to drive the speakers. And this is probably the highest fidelity wireless solution you are likely to find because you can use your existing HiFi system or home theater speakers.

If you need to drive the speakers directly (you have no amplifier or receiver) you can use the Zone Player 5. The Zone Player 5 has built in amplifiers, wireless receiver to retrieve the music, and all that is missing is the speakers. (You do need to power the unit though with an AC wall outlet) Both the 3 and 5 are elegant and wireless solutions to your home audio needs. I spent considerable time with these systems and can say that they work as described and the user interfaces are both intuitive and simple to set up.

Need a cheaper solution for wireless speakers?

Amazon offers some great deals on wireless speaker system. When high performance, style, and low price are your goals, try these out. To see many different competing brands see this page about wireless speaker system.

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