Wireless Home Theater Sound Systems

If you have a home theater where running the speaker wire to the rear channels is almost impossible then there are a few wireless home theater sound systems that will work. One such system is the wireless home theater system shown here. The best way to understand what this little system does is that it acts as the wire and the amplifier for your rear speakers. You could actually use this for your front stereo speakers too if that fit your needs better, or even if you need both front and rear to be wireless for some reason.

wireless home theater system with amplifiersThere are other systems like this one, but according to most reviews this happens to be one of the better units. One built from RocketFish is also available but it has some fairly poor reviews from owners.

Who needs wireless home theater sound systems?

Most of us do not need a wireless home theater system. These are really only needed and useful when it is impossible to get wiring to a part of your room. This is when wireless makes sense. The rest of the speakers should be wired into the receiver and have a solid connection.

This allows you to use higher quality stereo speakers and have a robust coupling to a more powerful amplifier section such as that on a dedicated home theater amplifier or home theater receiver.

Don’t get caught up in the hype of a totally wireless home theater system. They are not practical and will not operate as well and with as high quality that a wired system can operate.

How does this work?

Very simple really. There is a sending unit that plugs into the output (of your receiver for whatever channels you are sending from) Lets say the rear two channels in this case. This is a two channel unit. The receiver sends a wireless signal out into your room.

Then you plug (at the back of your room) the small receiving unit into a power source (likely an outlet at the back of the room). From here the small silver amplifiers will power your speakers without being connected into your receiver at all. And you don’t need powered speakers because the small silver modules have them included and actually pack 80 watts per channel.

This should be enough to drive most small speakers in most reasonable size home theater systems.

For obvious reasons such as cost, ($200 is a lot for speaker cables) this is not going to represent the cheapest alternative available, but they do work well and offer an elegant solution if you cannot run the wires physically from where your receiver is located.

Not what you had in mind?

I’m betting that most of us were not thinking of something like this when considering wireless home theater sound systems. Problem is, as soon as you start doing something wireless instead of running basic wire you are going to run into a higher expense than simple cables. There’s just no way around it. And if you choose a cheap system that is wireless, you would be giving up sound quality in order to do it.

This little system lets you choose better speakers, use an existing and higher quality receiver, and have the best of both. Its not cheap or free, but it works and offers a solution to the issue of running cables when it is impossible or too difficult to accomplish.

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