Wireless Home Theater Systems Problems and Solutions


Are wireless speakers just as good as common Wired Home Audio Systems?

Six things to consider when shopping for Wireless Home Theater Systemswireless-home-theater-systems-2wireless home speaker system but want to be sure they will be a good fit.

Here, we cut out the ‘bull’ and offer real information to help you decide.

Factors of Wireless technology

1. Transmitter distance varies by manufacturer to manufacturer. There’s no clear answer of how far a given wireless transmitter will respond – they vary too much to be anywhere near reliable. Stick with units that guarantee a specific distance and make sure it will work for you.

2. Sound quality can suffer because of the data transmission and additional Digital to Analog conversions taking place. (as well as the quality of the converters used in the design)

The fact that the transmission is taking place wireless is not really the issue.

Wireless speakers should only be used when convenience is the primary factor needed. And its understood that in some systems a wireless home theater systems is the only option.

3. Wireless speaker systems were designed to help installers and home owners to place speakers where none could be installed before: Such as placing speakers on concrete walls without the need to drill holes in the concrete.

Consumers usually want them because they think that if there are no cables then the installation will be easier -No cables no mess! Not true!

4. A decent set of wireless speakers are NOT wireless because you need a power cable going to a wall outlet to power the amplifier.

5. If you do find a completely wireless home theater speaker that run on batteries please save your time and money. They probably aren’t worth the plastic they are made out of. It is theoretically impossible to drive an amplifier, speaker driver, receiver and loudspeaker crossover on batteries.

6. Because of the above problems completely wireless speakers are notably underpowered and weak when it comes to sound quality. Most will need to be plugged into AC power.


Wireless Speaker Systems and wireless outdoor speaker systems are not necessarily a high sound quality option.

Wireless technology should be used where convenience is the driving factor. Such as difficult installations or needing to use a transportable speaker system, or where hiding wires is not possible.

At the very best it really only eliminates one type of cable you will need. (RCA or speaker cables)

For outdoor uses the wireless speaker is a great option and is probably the best use of the technology. Wireless Computer speakers are another good way to enjoy wireless technology but not in the normal bookshelf speaker application.

In most cases you can achieve higher performance with aconventional speaker system. That’s not to say that wireless speakers don’t have their place. They do. But they are not a solution for everyone and will not necessarily provide higher quality audio in all situations.

Just that, they do offer ‘audio playback’ in some situations where there is no other solution, or the convenience factor (such as outdoor speakers) makes them very useful.

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