Convenience! That’s why we Want Wireless PC Speakers

But are they actually more convenient?

Wireless PC speakers or wireless computer speakers claim to offer a level of flexibility and simplicity for the home office computer user.

By eliminating the cable that goes between the PC and the speaker system you can eliminate a bit of clutter from your desk or workstation.

Advantages of Wireless computer speakers:

Ease of setup

o Plug it in, plug the module into your PC and viola. It should work. Sometimes you have to install the supplied software.

• Ease of use

• Only a power cable to worry about. No source cable from the PC to the satellite speakers that sit on the desk.

• Some wireless home audio speakers can be moved anywhere in the home and play back music and audio from the PC.

Disadvantages of Wireless Home Audio Speakers for the PC:

• Usually not completely wireless

o You will still need a power cord from the sub-woofer to the wall. -If your wireless audio speakers use a subwoofer.

• Wireless Satellite speakers will eat batteries

o Depending on your playback levels the batteries may not last long.

o If your satellite speakers don’t take batteries then they will have a power cord. Making them technically -not wireless speakers.

This little trick is pretty common; so if you are wanting truly wireless speakers make sure to look at them first before buying. You don’t want to have an unhappy surprise when you get them home.

Sonos Wireless Music Player

Why are Wireless Home Theater speaker systems not such a great idea?

The typical home theater system should have much higher power requirements than computer audio.

And source purity is usually of high importance.

Using wired audio offers better results over wireless audio solutions because of power, and clarity. (There are fewer Digital to Analog conversions taking place)

Wireless PC speakers however are a better use of the technology.

Okay, so when do Wireless Computer Speakers offer a good solution?

Some Good Uses of Wireless technology is with the use of a laptop and workstation. This type of setup can be convenient because it is very mobile, just like the portability of a laptop.

But if you have a desktop PC; using portable wireless speakers may not make much sense.

Hiding the speaker wire can offer better sound and long term convenience (not replacing batteries).

Also, using a wireless speaker system such as the Sonos pictured above does make your music collection very convenient. All you need to do is plug it into a wall outlet, you can even use an i-phone to control it.

Then you have access to your stored music on the PC and can play it wireless anywhere in or around the house. To me this is the best use of the wireless technology. And I think most consumers if having used it, would feel the same.


Wireless speaker systems have their limitations. It is important to know if you really need a wireless speaker system. In most situations a wired speaker system is probably a better choice.

But if you really need the convenience of a wireless speaker system then make sure to get one that has the features you will need the most.

Want some wireless speakers?

Amazon offers many different brands of wireless PC speakers from different companies all competing for your business. That means good prices and lots of choices.

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