Wireless TV Speakers can offer Some Added Flexibility But at What Price?

What are the benefits of using wireless TV speakers?

1. Ease of setup

2. No cable from the HDTV to the speaker system

3. More placement options than wired speakers

A common misconception about wireless TV speakers, is that they are wireless – when most of them are not wireless at all…

…let me explain.

Wireless speakers usually need to be powered in some way. Usually plugged into an outlet. The cable that is eliminated is the wire that connects to the receiver. Its replaced by the wireless transmitter and received at the speaker itself.

This ‘sending cable’ or source cable is often replaced by blue tooth technology or another form of wireless sending/receiving technology.

The TV will send a signal and a wireless receiver will take the signal and turn it into an analog signal that the speaker system can play back.

It works pretty slick really.

But are these types of wireless speakers really necessary?

Not in my opinion; the TV is already sitting in close proximity to where your front speakers will be placed -so using wireless speakers here is not a huge advantage.

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And while the absence of wires will make hookup simpler you will now have to be sure your wireless system is talking to itself.

I don’t believe it is really any simpler either. You are merely replacing one technology with another in most cases.

Hard wire speakers have another advantage.

No duplication of Digital to analog conversions is taking place. One conversion between your TV and the amplifier is enough. Introducing another D/A conversion for wireless speakers seems like a kludge to me.

What are some Advantages to Wireless Speaker Systems?

Wireless remote speakers or speakers that need to be placed away from the main system could be a real benefit to being wireless. And here is where the technology makes a lot of sense.

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Also using wireless rear speakers in a wireless home theatre speakers system could have some benefits if your walls are made of concrete (like a basement home theater install).

But wireless PC speakers and wireless TV speakers just don’t make much logical sense to me. Unless your TV is pretty mobile and you end up moving it quite often.

An excellent use of TV speakers with wireless technology

Having a mobile speaker system that could be taken out on the deck while you grill hamburgers for an outdoor party would be convenient. Having a mobile speaker system in your garage or other workplace around the house would be a nice added bonus.

I can think of a few useful ways to use this technology;

1. The ability to play music from the computer storage drive (hard drive)

2. The ability to move the speaker system anywhere in or near the house.

3. The ability to do all this without connecting more than a power cord.

But this speaker system already exists;

And it is not cheap.

As you are well aware Quality… is seldom cheap.

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