Wireless Home Theater Sound Systems

If you have ever looked for a high quality wireless home theater sound systems you may have run into trouble. There are mSony-wirelesshometheatersystemany wireless audio systems available, trouble is, not all are very high quality to start with. So you will need to shop smart.

A Good All Round Small System
One system that is both cheap and sounds pretty good is the Sony setup seen at right. This system has received pretty favorable reviews on Amazon and sounds decent.

If you want a more expensive solution that offers better quality then the Samsung 5.1 Channel 1000 Watt Blu-ray Home Theater System will fit the bill easily.

Have a Sub Already?

Still, you might be wondering if your own sub woofer system could be made into a wireless bass system and keep your higher quality components? You’re in luck. This is also possible. Dayton Audiosubwooferextender-wireless WS-12 Sub-Link can do this.

This little gadget will allow your sub-woofer to receive the audio signal without using a wire from the receiver.

This allows you to plug it into nearly any location in your room or house without having to run cables through the walls. Very handy device, that works as well as you would hope it would.

Better than Wireless

I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you that wireless systems are typically not has high quality as wired systems. That’s not to say they aren’t needed. Sometimes getting cables to a subwoofer, a rear channel, or to other parts of the house makes wireless the only option. Wireless home theater sound systems are a huge benefit when you really need one. But as you may already know, they are not typically completely wireless.

The bass woofer will need to be plugged into power. And the satellites or other surround speakers, while they may not get connected to the receiver by a cable will need a power source as well. Very few of them run on batteries and even if they did, you probably won’t want them as they would only sound their best when fully charged. (which would not be often)

Cabled systemshigh end speaker cables

Home theater systems are usually better when fully cabled. There is less to go wrong, less cost involved, less technology needed, and less distortion that could enter the precious audio stream. That being said, I like some wireless systems. But only when they are logical to use.

Once you have established that you need a wireless system or a subwoofer  its time to figure out where to place the speakers.

Installing wireless home theater systems

If you have brick walls, masonry, or some other reason for desiring wireless technology in the home theater system, then you may already be a good candidate for them. Subwoofers can be placed further from the receiver. Surround channels can be placed where holes cannot be drilled or wires cannot be run when using wireless home theater systems. This is the real benefit of the technology. Its not that you cannot cut a hole in that wall, but for one reason or another, you may not want to. Here is where wireless home audio systems make a lot of sense.

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